My New Blogs

miathriver avatar2Hello all my followers. I have divided my blog posts out to several different blogs based on posting topics. It did not seem right to have a blog post about Homeschooling one day and then the next day have a blog post about being a Survivor of Abuse all on the same blog.

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Dyslexia Breakthrough

Dyslexia-280x165My third daughter has struggled quite a bit with dyslexia.  We happily stumbled upon a wonderful reading tutor who has been helping her with reading quite a bit.  She has been making steady improvements because this reading tutor knows exactly what my daughter needs to work on.  We have been very happy with her and with the steady improvements in my daughters reading. Continue reading

Today in Homeschool

today in homeschool
Son 2

  • Kahn Academy for Math
  • Had three books read to him by siblings

Son 1

  • Read two books to Son 2
  • Kahn Academy for math
  • Planned part of his story board for his movie he is making
  • Helped Son 2 on Kahn Academy

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Fantasy Map of My Back Yard

Fantacy map of my yardMy boys and their sister are playing in the back yard today.  They just brought in this great map to show me.  What great imaginary play, I am delighted with this map. Continue reading

Food Service Specalist Training (Health) – Lesson 1: Brush Your Teeth

Brush your teeth son1Here is a quick overview of the Health lesson I just taught my boys.

  • Good Soldiers take care of their teeth!
  • If you do not take care of your teeth all of your teeth will fall out.
  • If all of  your teeth fall out you will not be able to eat.
  • If you are not able to eat you will die!

(Yes my boys loved the dramatics of these statements 🙂
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We’re In The Army Now

We’re in the Army now.
We’re not behind a plow.
We’ll never get rich diggin’ a ditch.
We’re in the Army now.

We’re in the Army now.
We’re in the Army now.
We’ll never get rich on the salary which
We get in the army now.
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Army Buzz to get Ready for Boot Camp

My boys were SUPER excited to get their Army buzzes. They have had Army buzzes before several times, but somehow this was so much more interesting to them this time because of our Homeschool Boot Camp theme.  Now that they have their buzzes they are almost ready for boot camp.

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